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The SiteCAST USB Radio Link has all the needed features to connect your Radio Base Station Mobiles or Repeater Radios to a Computer including a built-in Sound card feature needed to connect to the Internet or a Private Network and PTT and COR keying features.  Call for Quote which includes our Commercial Client Software License. You can purchase this product without our software. Contact us for a Free RoIP Demo test.

SiteCAST USB RoIP Module

Two-Way Radio Over Internet


You can use our Software with Your Computer using a microphone and speaker or you can use an iPhone, Android, Droid, or PDA for the test using our SiteCAST Server. We will supply you with the software for the test free.

  RoIP Modules connecting Two-Way Radios to Internet or Network Systems working using Your Internet connection or your Private Network.  

We provide products from Computer Creations Corp. and Critical RF  that provides low cost Radio over Internet (RoIP)  Interface Products that make a Radio RF gateway product when connected to a computer using or SiteCAST RoIP Interface module.

   You can use one of our Low Cost RoIP Products called RoIP-B6 or our SiteCAST modules.  We sell Commercial Grade RoIP Gateway Products from Critical RF called SiteCAST.  All these products require a Computer to interface with your Radio System.   We also have Commercial Grade Software License’s that are supported with updates for one year.


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Option 1: The TPC USB RoIP-B6 Radio Link replaces our RoIP-B3 Modules that we have been selling for the last 8 years that connects a Radio to a Computer connected to the Internet. The B6 module has new and in-proved circuits including a reverse kickback circuit that Mutes your receiver  that prevents your base station transmitter from keying for a second while the COS line goes to Standby, Plus PTT and COS/COR keying features.  Call for Quote

The Model RoIP-B6 Works Great with any Radios connecting to the 16-pin or 20 pin connector on the Back of most Motorola Radios like the Maxtrac, CM200, CM300, M1225, or CDM1550 Series Radios.  You can build a cable or Order one starting from us for $95.00 Ready to go.  We supply audio cables and a USB cable with the Modules to connect the RoIP B6 Model to Your Computer. We also supply a USB Sound module. This Model has a Computer operated Relay (COR) using the Radios COS output.

The COR feature is used to send a PTT type signal to the internet when you talk to your Base Station’s Receiver unit using your Local Radio system. If you have a Maxtrac or GM300 type Motorola that has a 5 pin connector on the back you can use the Microphone connector on the front of the radio with a simple cable with RJ45 connectors on both ends. 

You can also Setup a RoIP B6  Radio System using a Portable Radio or any Two-way Portable that has a Speaker and Microphone Jack or a Remote Connector with access to the Audio and  PTT circuits of the radio. Radios that come with Remote Microphone features will do the job.   We supply 2 audio cables and a USB Sound Module so you can use your computer sound card for what ever you presently now what to use it for.

We sell the same Commercial SiteCAST software license’s for this device and we have our SERVER Software.     You can also use software like Twisted-Pair  Wave-LMR and Zello’s Loudtalk and I-Pox5 or any software that will work for you needs.



                          Two-Way Radio Over Internet

Option 2: The SiteCAST USB Radio Link  has all the needed features to connect  your Radio Base Station Mobiles or Repeater Radios  to a  Computer including a built-in Sound card feature needed to connect to the Internet or a Private Network and PTT and COR keying features.  Commercial Client Radio Software License is included.  You will need our SERVER Software call for our Low Prices. We need to know how many connections you will need to quote you on the Server.

 Our Units are easy to set up with your radios and will works great.  We use 600 ohm Line interface transformers to isolate the Computer audio circuits from the Radios audio circuits and they also provide an audio band pass of 100Hz to 3000Hz which is better for Voice transmission.  

Solid state Relays are used to operate the PTT & COR circuits of the radio isolating the Radios ground system from the Computer ground system.  RJ45 connectors Provides all the needed connections to your Radio. 

 The RoIP Products were designed to work with Motorola Repeaters, Base Stations, Mobile, and Portables 2-way Radios but will work with other suppliers of Two-Way Radio Products that have remote access to Audio and PTT features. 

   We Supply Commercial Software to setup your own Private Server Network call for our Low Prices.   We Sell the Server Software for 2 or more Users. You can use Our Portable Clinic Hosted server for a small monthly charge of $10 per connection per month.

  Our Commercial Radio Client interface Software cost is FREE with the purchase of our Server software for our VBS, Smart Cell Phones, (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry’s) or PDA Terminal Connection license.

Computer Creations TPC and SiteCAST Products both use the same Commercial software. 

 Our Commercial Radio Control Software has a Very good VOX feature built-in for PTT and COS/COR for keying the transmitter. You can use your mouse or the Space Bar to also key the PTT in the Radio.

You can also use software like Twisted-Pair Wave-LMR Loudtalks.com I-Pox5 or any software that will work for you needs.

Call us for SERVER Software Low Price. We need to know how many connections you will need for your RoIP system.

The SiteCAST Module is a Pocket-sized Unit for Linking of RoIP Radio’s Worldwide Instant interoperability.

This unit has a built-in audio Circuit and PTT Keying Circuit and only needs 1 cable connection to your Radio and 1 cable to your Computer.

SiteCAST is a lightweight highly portable single channel RoIP control module.  SiteCAST works with any internet or network connection whether its satellite DSL cable modem WAN / LAN cellular WAN WiFi or a dial up connection.

Simply plug the SiteCAST unit USB connector to a laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac) and connect the special cable to a 2-way radio. Voice traffic on the radio system is converted to IP data and sent over the internet or a private WAN/LAN.  Thus agencies operation on different systems such as the local police fire and EMS can now seamlessly communicate with each other at the scene of an incident regardless of location.

SiteCAST is great for connecting your emergency vehicle and any other user that has a laptop in their vehicle connected to and air-card or a portable satellite connection.  SiteCAST allows users to extend the limited coverage of their 2-way radio systems to the expanded coverage of the cellular data or satellite network.  SiteCAST is also utilized to create in-building coverage quickly.

For Customers Who Prefer an All-in-One Gate-Way Unit

 SiteCAST-Plus includes a SiteCAST Radio control module and a Computer with an embedded processor housed in a slim 1U chassis for ease of integration.  Available in one or two port models. All other features remain the same as the stand-alone SiteCAST unit.  This unit is a complete Gateway and has a built in LCD Screen and a Keyboard for entering programs and data just like a Laptop PC except it is in side a Rack Mount Case. The SiteCAST Server and Client Software can be installed in SiteCAST-Plus Unit and will Auto-Run on power-up. 

You will need our SERVER Software call for our Low Prices.

Radio Interface cables are required and cost from $95.00 call for quote.


 SiteCAST-Plus RoIP Gate-Way for 1 Two-Way Radio Includes SiteCAST hardware and on board computer, client control software, with the ability to control 1 radio.

SiteCAST-Plus Duo RoIP Gate-Way for 2 Two-Way Radio Includes SiteCAST hardware and on board computer, client control software, with the ability to control up to 2 radios.    

SafetyNET Quad RoIP Gateway Includes integrated node computer, rugged rack mount housing, front panel controls

With security lock, radio client software, keyboard, mouse and flat panel monitor with

The ability to add up to 4 radios.

This SafetyNet Quad can Control up to 4 Radio RoIP Devices.

SafetyNET Quad offers both cross band repeater and Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) interoperability and linking to overcome the inherent limitations of legacy LMR and SMR radio systems. SafetyNET Quad is a four-system solution that can be used with any repeater base station mobile or portable radio from the associated two-way radio systems. SafetyNET Quad can be cascaded to facilitate an unlimited number of local or radio systems.
With SafetyNET Quad you can also extend the geographic range of normal two-way radio systems to anywhere there is a private or public IP connection regardless of band or analog and digital modes.
SafetyNET creates instant links anywhere on any frequency band such as UHF VHF HF 700MHz 800MHz 900MHz and Low Band VHF. SafetyNET is not only band agnostic but also mode neutral creating a common peering structure for SSB AM FM P25 DLMR i Den TETRA LTR EDACS Smart Net Open Sky NXDN Smart Zone and other legacy wireless communication technologies.
As with all products in the Critical RF platform SafetyNET Quad is seamlessly compatible with SiteCAST Virtual Base Station and iWalkie applications for seamless mobility in mixed communications environments.
SafetyNET Quad features a 2U rack mounted four system encrypted interoperability engine. Locking front cabinet adds an additional layer. 

You will need our Commercial Software call for our low Prices.

  We can set you up with a Free Test of our RoIP Software Programs using our software and Servers.

We can supply Server System Software that you can Setup your own Private Server.  Contact us for a Free Demo Test of our Client Software using our Test Server. You can go to our site and download the Program or the App if you want to test a Smartphones like iPhone or Android. Type smart phones and we will test it with you on the Internet.  You can use a Computer. You will need a Microphone and Speaker for the test.

Our Commercial Server Program  is sold per User Connection for a one time Charge. 

You can use our Portable Clinic Hosted Server for $10 per RoIP connection per month.

You can connect to the Server using any place you can get access to the Internet. You can also use your private LAN network with our products.

we now Supply Software that will work on your iPhone , Android Droid or PDA’s  for Free with purchase of our Server Software that will communicate with  your Land Mobile Radio System using the internet  WiFi Networks or your Own Private Network Router. 

  The SiteCAST Client Radio Program is used to Control the Radio Interface Module and is included with the RoIP Module.

  Radio Client Control Software comes included with SiteCAST RoIP Module.

For Commercial Applications we can Supply Software that will work great with our Products.

  Our Commercial SiteCAST Server Software will allows you to create and set up as many different Channels or Rooms for different Group Sessions that you might require.  This software is included in the Price of the SiteCAST Products.  We supply the SiteCAST Radio Control Software for $200.00 per License to work with the TPC-RoIP B6 Modules.

You will need our SERVER Software call us for our Low Prices that depend on how many connections you what in your RoIP System.

You can use our SiteCAST software or use your own software or Purchase from Companies like Twisted-Pair Wave-LMR or iPOX5  or Zello’s Loudtalk to use on your private networks.

What is (RoIP) Two-Way Radio over IP?

Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) provides an intelligent and flexible way to extend the reach and improve the efficiency of two-way radio by leveraging existing investments in IP networks. Organizations can seamlessly distribute workloads between operations centers to cover peak periods and improve responsiveness during disaster situations or system failures. RoIP allows two-way radios to communicate with desk and mobile phones providing communication flexibility and reducing overall costs.

Today radio communications are restricted to the range of an organization’s base stations. RoIP is a suite of technologies that allows two-way radio traffic to be transmitted over an internet protocol network. RoIP extends the reach of radio systems by using an organization’s existing wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure to route radio signals between base stations. By installing radio-enabled gateway routers at base stations and dispatch consoles voice signals can be transported over an IP network.

Operations center administrators can use a graphical interface to control traffic and allocate workloads. When combined with Voice over IP technology dispatchers can just as easily route radio traffic to a phone extension external land-line or mobile phone. This allows faster communication between employees and broadens the reach of an organization’s communications systems.

SiteCAST Client Radio Software license works with Our Computer Creations TPC Products.

 These low cost  modules were  designed  for Point to Point or many Points to Many Points  Linking of Your Radio Systems which lets you Send Radio Audio both ways over the Internet and gives you Push-to-Talk (PTT) in both directions. You can use your Computers sound card feature or use our supplied USB sound features.  This unit has Voice Operated Squelch (VOX) feature using the software and Carrier Operated squelch (COS/COR) Features.  This Model will operate your Repeater, Base Station, Mobile, or Portable Radios over the Internet.  If you have been using Leased Lines this will save you a lot of money as long as you have Your Internet running.   

We supply Commercial grade SiteCAST Client Software that is FREE with the purchase of our Server Software and very easy to setup that will get you going…  You will need to build or Purchase from us a cable to connect your radio to the B6 RoIP-Module.  Talk to us about building one for your radio.

You will need our SERVER Software call for our Low Prices that depend on number of connections.

 You can also use software like Twisted-Pair Wave-LMR Loudtalks.com, I-Pox5 or any software that will work for you needs. 

Send Email or Call if you are having questions.       Phone 561-703-0696 Ask for Bob Hicks

Radio Interface cables cost from $125.00 call for quote.


  Contact us for a Free Demo test on Our Server. 

  Will supply VBS software for test we have our iWalkie Software for Apple iPhone, Android, PDA’s, and Blackberry’s.

This software will let you talk to your Land mobile radios or other PDA type units through our Custom Server Program.

You will need our SERVER Software when you are ready to build your System. Call for our low Prices.

  Our Smart-Phone software turns your Internet-enabled Cell Phone devices and into software defined radios or “soft radios”.

Users of Internet enabled handheld devices often work with employees who communicate on dedicated two-way radio systems for mission or business critical tasks. These two types of devices could not historically talk to one another due to fractured and incompatible wireless architectures. With iWalkie users are able to seamlessly communicate with all makes and models of two-way radios when operating together with SiteCAST and SafetyNET enabled systems.
With iWalkie worldwide PTT is both cross platform and network neutral. IWalkie operates on any cellular WAN WiFi or wireless data network – public or private. Users can be on any combination of wireless data networks anywhere in the world eliminating the need for inflexible and expensive carrier-centric ascending PTT.
iWalkie uses the 2G/3G/4G data mode of your device rather than the cellular voice telephone mode. iWalkie users avoid costly minute-based airtime charges associated with cellular voice calling and can communicate mobile-to-mobile with lighting speed in group or private talk formats.
Our patent-pending iWalkie software also supports multi-tasking. iWalkie stays connected while performing other tasks including email maps tracking inventory running a credit card looking up criminal records or submitting a work order just to name a few.
iWalkie loads easily onto devices via cradle sync push download or direct download. It imposes minimal use of network resources and storage footprint due to its thin-client architecture.

 No matter what your workers need to get the job done Motorola’s MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO (Rev A) support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.


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