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Bob Hicks, Bocabob, KA4LMW, BSEE, MSCS.  My name is Robert Hicks (Bocabob) and I started working on Motorola Portable Radios at the Motorola Chicago Plant in February of 1964. The first Motorola Radios that I worked on were HT200 Portable Radios. 

If you are looking for someone that knows more about older Motorola Portable Radios than any one else than you have found him.

Welcome to The New World of Radio Over Internet Communications (RoIP).

Two of our most Popular Radio over Internet(RoIP) Products for World-Wide Radio Communications!

We are Designers and Leaders in the Radio Over Internet (RoIP) business. Check out our Products in our RoIP section as we have some of the BEST Products and Software in the Business. Check out our SiteCAST and TPC-B6 RoIP interfaces.



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We Sell,Program,and Service Motorola Portable & Mobile Radios.

We Specialize on Servicing and Rebuilding the Motorola HT220 and MT500 Radios but we also Do all models of Motorola Portable Radios. We also Service Motorla Mobiles on request.

 Motorola SABER 1, 2, or 3 VHF & or UHF RADIOs

We Sell SABER RADIOS and Program so check with us.

Go to our TPC Products & Service section for more Information on  the Costs of the Saber Radios.

 NOTE: We custom Build and Repair Motorola HT220 and MT500 Radios and have most Parts.

We Also Repair and Program HT600 and MT1000 Motorola Portable Radios and have some Parts.

What do You do with your 2-Way Radios after 2012 Reality:
After 01/01/2013 The FCC Narrow Banding Mandate does NOT apply to Low Band (30-50MHz) 220MHz,700MHz,800MHz or 900Mhz Part 90 systems, FRS, GMRS, MURS, Amateur, Marine VHF, or CB radios. Do not throw your 2-Way Radios away send them to us for programming to frequencies that you can use them on. A good use would be to use them with our Radio over Internet (RoIP) Products. Go to the Radio Over Internet RoIP section to see our Products.

WE Stock a lot of Motorola Radios and Parts for Older Motorola HT220, MT500,HT600,and MT1000 Portable Radios and will Sell them to you if you need something that we have. We also have a lot of PL Reeds and Code Plugs for Sale for $15 each.   If you want a leather case I might have what you want for $30 and I also have some of the belt clips that go on the back of the Portable HT220 Radios Cost is $20.00.   If you have a stock of Motorola New-Old-Stock parts for the Older Portable radios please e-Mail if you would like to sell them.  we always need Parts in good condition to restore radios for the Guys that Love the Older Motorola Radios.

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