Portable Clinic’s Radio Service.

Send your older Motorola Portable radios to Our Doctor for  repair or checkup.

SYSTEMS_SABER_III_PORT       mt1000-no-dtmfMotorola MT500  HT220 Omni1       ht2208

    Saber              MT1000   MT500          HT220 VHF & UHF Portables

Send Your Radios to The Portable Clinic for a Check-up or Repair. I have  been working on Motorola Portable Radio Products since 1964 when I joined Motorola in Chicago. I helped design the Motorola HT220 and MT500 Radio Products. We have hard to find Saber VHF radios that cover 136 to 150.8 MHz good for the 2 meter band.

  Our LOW! Repair & Programing Rate is $66.00 for first two hours and $33.00/hr if more time is needed with your approval.  We Provide Commercial Consulting and Design for $50.00 per Hour.   We will Repair and Program most radios for a rate of $66.00 that covers 2 hours then $33.00 per hour if needed.  If more time is needed we will call you before proceeding.  We do most radios in the 2 hours or less.  If you just need programming done on your radio you can call us and get a quote on what you want done for $33.00/hr.  We check out your Radios completely  like we did at the Motorola plant using Cushman Service Monitors back in the good old days. 


Two way Radio Over Internet (RoIP Products. Call us and we will help you sellect the best setup for you?


Control Stations     SiteCAST Quad      Safety NET Plus        SiteCAST

We have designed and sold RoIP Radio Interconnect Products for more than 11 years and designed RoIP equipment and using Commercial Software that connects any Two-way Radio, Repeater, Base Station, Mobile, or Portable.   Purchase of or SiteCAST Sever Software sold by the number of server connections you need. You can down load and install as many copies of our iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, or PDA Software as you need. 

Contact us for a quote for our Commercial Products and Software.

TPC-B6 Radio Interface Module Single Radio.
B6 Line interface resized imgp0897a

TPC-B6 RoIP Interface Module connects to your Base Station. you provide TX and RX audio and PTT connections and you connect to your Internet or use your private network.

  Email us for a quote on your RoIP Software requirements.

  SiteCAST Radio module connects your Base Station using only 2 cables. One cable is a USB that connects your Computer. The other cable connect your Base Station TX and RX audio and PTT.

The Critical RF Interface Module comes with Commercial SiteCAST Client radio control software or you can use Zello Software.

Email us or call for a quote with your RoIP Software requirements.

We have Several Products to help you setup a working RoIP 2-Way Radio Radio System. 

We have a complete line of Computer Creations Corp. RoIP Products and Critical RF Products and used your Radio’s

Email Us or Call Us with your Requirements and Needs.


Presently We SERVICE PROGRAM or RE-CRYSTAL Motorola Portable & Mobile Radios.

SYSTEMS_SABER_III_PORTmt1000-no-dtmfMotorola MT500HT220 Omni1ht2208

    Saber         MT1000   MT500      HT220 VHF & UHF Portables

  •  HT220, MT500, MT1000, HT600, HT1000, P100, P200, HT90, HT440, SP50, HT750, HT1250, HT1550,
  • GP300, GP350, P110, P1225, M1225, Saber1 2 3, HT1000, MT2000, XTS5000, XTS3000 Portables & similar models.
  • We also Repair & Program Motorola Mobiles Maxtrac, GM300, and GM350, M1225, CDM1550, CM200, CM300 . 
  • Maxar80 Mobiles Moxy Mobiles and Mocom70 Mobiles crystal controlled models.
  • We also Repair Motorola Repeaters and Base Station Radios.

  • We work on newer model Motorola Radios if requested give us a Call

 Special Sale of Older Motorola Radios Great for Ham’s and GMRS users.

From  $99.99 to  $245.00                       

Motorola Portable Radios for Sale at the low Price which includes good Antenna, Battery’s  cost extra

Programming up to 16 channels (add $1.00 for each frequency added over 16).

Radios do not come with a Battery we find it Best to get new one on Ebay. The prices below are for some models and we have other models call for quote.

  • – HT220      VHF or UHF  Plus crystals    $ 99 T2-R1

  • – HT220      VHF or UHF  Plus crystals    $125 T4-R4

  • – MT500     Low Band     Plus  crystals     $ 99 T1-R1,T2-R2

  • – MT500     VHF or UHF Plus  crystals    $ 99 several models

  • – HT600     VHF or UHF Programmed     $ 99 up to 6 Freq’s

  • – MT1000  VHF or UHF Programmed     $ 99 up to 16 Freq’s

  • – Saber Model 1 VHF  Programmed     $ 99 + $1.00 per freq over 16

  • – Saber Model 2 VHF  Programmed    $185 + $1.00 per freq over 16

  • – Saber Model 3 VHF  Programmed    $245.00 + $1.00 per freq over 16

  • We Also Sell and Program New Motorola Radio’s so ask for what you need.

2-Way  Baby Radio Repeater Controller $385.00


Back in the 1960’s I Designed and built a Motorola product called a Baby Repeater.  If you want to extend your Portable radio’s transmitter range this module may do the job.  This Baby repeater was connected to a Motorola Mobile radio like a Motrac or Micor that was installed in the car and you could use a Hand held Motorola Portable radio to talk to a Radio Receiver connected to my Baby Repeater and it repeated the audio in the mobile radio’s Transmitter of the cars Radio. Motorola later built a product that did what this one does called the RT Repeater that the State Police use in there mobile’s. We do not know of any other product that does what this new module presently will do.

You can use  also use 2 Low Power Portable Radios or use Mobile’s with Power supplies and build a Two-Way Repeater that you could put in a briefcase and not need a Duplexer. One D-Star Customer uses this product on a Mountain with a Solar Panel to charge the 12 Volt Battery and it is all mounted in a Zero Briefcase using 2 vertical mounted antennas with the Receiver antenna on the top of the mast. If you want to extend your transmitters range this module may do the job. You could set it up in a Hotel or any location that you are having trouble covering with your present Radio system at a Low cost using radios that you already have like Motorola CP200 or HT750 Portable Radios or any Radio that you have and want to use that have a remote access or mike connector to get to the TX and RX audio and PTT circuits.  My D-Star Customer used  ICOM IC-V82 Portables for there Setup.

 We designed this new product that makes a Two-way Repeater in your Car.  You can use two way Portable Radios or use a mobile radio for the Receiver and a Portable or mobile for the Transmitter and use our new TPC-B5 Baby Radio Repeater interface. This new module has a TX audio VOX circuit we designed for PTT.  This module will connect to a Duplex  Network giving you PTT functions that you need to operate the 2-way radio’s in both directions. 

Portable Radios do not have COS/COR features to key the Radio Transmitter. We use the Receivers received audio  LED to key our radio. I have designed a new feature that uses the Receiver Busy Light to operate a COS feature and key the radio that you are using for the Transmitter.  Our Hardware built-In Vox Circuit does the same thing as the COS/COR circuit would do if you were using a Mobile or Base Station type radio.

This new module has a TX audio control and a Vox drop out delay control. The module is powered by a wall plug-in 9vDC power supply or use any external DC Power Source.  There is a TX-Audio 3.5mm Jack on the Back that can be used to insert audio or monitor the Receivers audio for other uses.  This product has 2 RJ45 Jacks on the back that are used to plug in a Portable radio Receiver radio and one to plug in a Portable Transmitter Radio.

The Radios can be what ever you want using Receive on VHF and Transmit on UHF or Low-Band or 800 MHz. You can also use 2 radios on the same Band for example UHF or VHF by Receiving and Transmitting with a 3 to 5 MHz separation and no Duplexer is needed.  You can separate the Radios using a Cat-5 cable and a RJ45 that would extend the Radios Remote mike cable connecting using  TX mike RX audio and PTT with this product.

Cables for your Radio cost extra and depend on what radio you want to connect. Prices for Radio interface Cables for the Radios vary from $95.00 check with us to see what your cost would be? 

DTMF Remote Controlled Frequency Changing Option will let you control Remotely 12 Frequencies $245.00.

 This Product was designed for Boat Captain’s that have Emergency and Towing Services on Inland lakes and Rivers that have UHF Radios cross-banded to VHF Radios that are on Marine Frequencies and also use the UHF Radios for Boat to Office communications. This Product will also work connected to our RoIP Communication Products so you could control a radio from any place in the World that has a network or the Internet.

This new Product will add a Remote Frequency changing feature with the Push of 1 button from 1 to 9 and 0 for channel 10 and * for channel 11 and # for and 12.  Any Motorola Radio that has a Frequency Steering option like the Radius GM300 CM300 ” CDM SERIES Radios .   I have not tested this product with other Radio Manufactures yet like Kenwood but should work the same.

You can Remotely select up to 12 Frequency channels from a Remote two-way Radio like a Portable Radio that has a  DTMF Encoder built in or like a Mobile with a DTMF Microphone. This new option can also be connected to our RoIP Radio Products and change frequencies over the Internet. 

This new DTMF Product was designed for a Cross band Radio Setup but will work in a one-way Repeater setup also.

 Prices for  Radio interface Cables vary depending on what radio you want to use from $95.00 check with us to see what your cost would be?

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