TPC-B6 Unit will connect your Two-way Radio to the Internet or a private network.

 TPC-B6 Module will work with several commercial software program’s. We sell SiteCAST commercial software (contact us).

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This TPC RoIP-B6  Package has the needed Interface less (Radio interface cable call for quote). This module will connect to any Motorola Two-way radio or other venders Radios like Kenwood or any other Radio Vender that can provide a remote connection to PTT, TX audio in, and RX audio out. You can Connect a Remote Computer running  your software from any remote location that has internet service and control the radio connected to our TPC-B6 product.
or call us at 561-703 0696 with you questions.  If you want we can setup a Software Demo test from your location using our software Server in the USA.

This TPC-B6 USB Radio Link  has all the needed features needed to connect your Two-Way Radio Base Station, Mobiles, Repeater Radios, or Portables to a  Computer including a USB Sound module that will let you connect your radios to the Internet or a Private Network.  This Module has TX PTT & COS/COR RX PTT keying features if you want to use them.  

This unit comes with a USB Sound Card module and 2 audio cables Plus a USB cable that connects to your computer.

Unit has a built-in USB PTT Keying Circuit and comes with a USB cable to your Computer.

TPC-B6 module is a lightweight, highly portable, single channel, RoIP control module.  SiteCAST works with any internet connection, whether it’s satellite, DSL cable modem, WAN / LAN,cellular WAN, WiFi, or a dial up connection.

Simply plug in the TPC-B6 unit into a laptop or desktop computer(PC or Mac) and into your 2-way radio.  Voice traffic on the radio system is converted to IP data and sent over the internet or a private WAN/LAN.  Thus, agencies operation on different systems, such as the local police,fire, and EMS, can now seamlessly can communicate with each other at the scene of an incident, regardless of location.

We Sell Commercial SiteCAST Software which is Windows based. If you have a laptop in your vehicle connected to and air-card or a portable satellite connection you can use your car as a remote control location.  SiteCAST allows uses to extend the limited coverage of their 2-way radio systems to the expanded coverage of the cellular data or satellite network.  Our SiteCAST Software is also utilized to create in-building coverage quickly and a fordable.You can use this module with Ham Software like Echo-Link and eQSO and you can also use Wave and Loud Talk Software.

The TPC-B6 Radio Interface module Features 

  • Commercial Client Software available Call for Quote.

  • USB RS232 Interface Circuit.

  • TX & RX USB Sound Audio Circuit module.

  • 600 OHM TX & RX Audio Circuits.

  • Transmitter Push to Talk (PTT).

  • Receiver COR /COS (PTT) Features.

  • Has COS Reverse Burst Kick-back Circuit (New Feature).

  • We supply a USB Sound Card Module that will let you use your Computers Sound Card for what ever you presently use it for now.
  • Radio Interface cables cost from $95.00 to $150.00 call for quote. We can supply drawing for your Radio if you want to build your own cables.

Contact Us at or call Robert Hicks (Bocabob) at Phone 561-703-0696 with any questions. We have customers from around the world so call day or night.