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Would you like to have a HT220 like the this one?

We will build you one give up a call. Phone 561-703-0696

HT220 6 Freq Slimline Kit TPC 6 Freq Slimline Modification Kit for the Motorola HT220.

We have converted several hundred HT220 VHF radios using our 6 Freq Slimline Kit created back in 1973. We add a module we designed that holds 8 crystals, 4 TX and 4 Rx and mounts in a Special back cover that Motorola designed for the FBI back in the early 70’s.  We presently have all the known FBI Back covers that are still in this world. Channels 1 and 2 crystals are mounted in the radio in the same locations that Motorola used.  Channels 3,4,5, and 6 are mounted on a Special board that we designed in 1973 and mounts in the FBI Special Back Cover. We also add a special 6 freq switch we had designed for this radio and a special 6 freq escushion plate. There is a hole in the back cover for the antenna and a second hole that we put options in like a receive PL switch or a remote antenna jack.

6 freq slim-line PCBHT220 6 Freq Kit1

We will sell you a complete radio or you can send me a HT220 VHF slim-line radio if it is in good condition.

The Kit costs $195.00 installed in your radio or $350.00 in one that I supply plus crystals. If you want to install this kit the cost is $95.00

Crystals cost $30.00 each if I order them or about $25.58 if you order them. The difference in cost is shipping from the crystal company. I order crystals from International Crystal Co Phone. 800-725-1426

Important Note on DC Power to HT-220 A good fully charged battery right off the charger is about 17V. Using a bench supply dictates caution so +15v max is a safe approach. NEVER NEVER reverse the polarity of the power supply! Two common areas to look if the cover fuse is blown is the audio output transistors and a 10uf polarized cap Cxxx (P/N TBD) across the +15 buss. If any of these components are shorted they must be replaced. NOTE: If the audio transistors are blown ” it is a good indication that someone applied power with REVERSED polarity.  If this happens to you send your radio to Us for repair.