We Sell Motorola Saber VHF and UHF Radios

We have VHF Saber Radio modules that are for the 136 MHz to 150.8 MHz Band in stock. These radios were Motorola commercial radios developed for Military use.  It is very hard to find the correct modules to build this Motorola Portable. These Radios will cover the Ham Bands. We have System Saber Radios Also. The Saber1 Radio will handle 12 Frequencies, The Saber 2 and 3 Radios will handle 48 to 120 channels. The Saber 3 radio will also do DTMF transmission. This is a great Motorola Radio Product for your Ham or Commercial Projects.





  • – Saber Model 1   VHF  Programable     $ 99.00

  • – Saber Model 2   VHF  Programable    $185.00

  • – Saber Model 3   VHF  Programable    $245.00

 You will find detailed information at the following Sites.

Special Motorola Saber Information Site 1

Motorola Saber Radio Information Site 2